Art supplies for everyone

Popular alcohol inks

Pinata inks

 These are awesome to work with, vibrant colors and easy to re-work. Use on ceramic tile, glass, any non-porous surface. 

Great sale on coloring canvases!

Coloring canvas

 These coloring canvases are a fantastic gift for any creative person, and any age! Pair them with the #coloring markers also on sale! Just $9.99 while supplies last! 

Stablio markers

Stablio markers

 These markers have vibrant colors and come in 2 different sizes. The tips don't dry out as you accidentally leave a cap off while working on a project. Great for lettering, coloring small spaces, and the metal casing in great for using with a ruler. 

Prismacolor and Derwent colored pencils

colored pencils

 Prismacolor are currently on sale for $1.49 each! So go ahead - replace those stubby ones! 

Canvas packs!


 Having a party or event these are the most cost effective way to go!! 



 All kinds of brushes for all kinds of painting! We even carry the mini majestic series for detail painting. Need a 30/0? This series has it.